Exploring Quality of Life

Research Nomads helps Positiv’eau ensure that their services are evidence based and that their concept and vision is informed by the empirical research surrounding Quality of Life and Wellbeing.

Research Nomads will follow Positiv’eau’s journey and help drive forward their core vision, ideas, innovations and services using an ethical and thorough approach to research.

Research Nomads aims to assist Positiv’eau in ensuring that the services and strategies they provide meet the expectations and needs of those involved as well as testing that the Wellbeing services offer long term results. In order to do so, Research Nomads makes use of their strong background in Anthropology, Psychology and User Research to work with Positiv’eau.

About Research Nomads

Research Nomads is a consultancy in User Research that helps companies to create services and products that meet the needs of the people using them.

Research Nomads offers a personalised, compassionate, ethical and open-minded approach that puts people at the centre of the research. They are a team of Social Science Researchers that use Social, Behavioural, Psychological and Cognitive approaches to answer questions and solve problems.

Working with companies

Research Nomads provides numerous services that can help companies in various ways. Their services include User Research, Ethnography, Secondary Research and Usability Testing.

Using methods such as contextual interviews, focus groups, diary studies, surveys and many more, Research Nomads helps businesses understand their users, what they need, their journeys, goals and how they feel and experience the service.

Research Nomads can work with companies that provide Wellbeing services or products, and may be interested in improving their working environment for employees. They also help companies that would like consultation on how Wellbeing and Quality of Life can be used to help achieve their goals or refine their vision. Research Nomads can help any company that has questions regarding those topics.

Please feel free to contact us at info@researchnomads.com

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